The Pandemic Lookbook: A Tribute to Sports and Streetwear

The Pandemic Lookbook: A Tribute to Sports and Streetwear

Welcome to the Driverseat NBD Pandemic Lookbook. We at Driverseat believe in the power of creativity and resilience, especially in challenging times. This post is dedicated to our unique collection inspired by the global pandemic and the temporary halt of sports worldwide.

During the pandemic, governments took down the rims from basketball courts to discourage gatherings and maintain social distancing. This act, while necessary, symbolized the pause of sports and community activities that we all love and enjoy. In response, we decided to turn this symbol of the times into a canvas for our brand, covering the backboard of a rimless court with stickers in true streetwear fashion.

One of the highlights of this collection is an authentic custom-made Indiana Pacers jersey. The jersey, which features our brand name "Driverseat" on the front, our slogan "No Backseat Driving" on the back nameplate, and our area code "317" as the numbers on the front and back, is a testament to our love for sports and our community. Although this Pacers' jersey is not for sale, it served as an inspiration for us to create more.

Inspired by the stoppage of sports worldwide, we created three more jerseys during the pandemic. These jerseys are recreations of Supreme's Split Tank from their SS12 collection, which was a flip on the 1965-1966 Philadelphia 76ers jersey. Back in 2012, Supreme released three colors. This time around, we also created three, but we stuck to the true uniform colors.

We invite you to explore the Pandemic Lookbook and immerse yourself in the world of Driverseat NBD. Each image tells a story of our commitment to creativity, resilience, and community. Whether you're a streetwear enthusiast, a sports enthusiast, or a fashion aficionado, we believe our collection will resonate with you.

Remember, fashion is more than just clothing—it's a way of expressing who you are and what you stand for. So, why not express your love for sports and streetwear with Driverseat NBD? Explore our Pandemic Lookbook and find your style today.

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